Except being a lifestyle store FGL together with Jennie Lisa & Frida sometimes arrange Kustfolk Market. It can be once a year sometimes twice. 

The idea started at my hair dresser one day. I said to my cousin who is a big inspiration in my life that Varberg needs a community that you work together and lift eachother up, howbout bringing few creative people together easy due to FGL who had many creative minds near.
Kustfolk was born 2013. 

The First time the market took place it was in my friends basement where she had her saloon in march 2014.
We bought lots of vintage porcelain to serve our ''fika'' in. 
The girls who worked in the saloon offered make up and to get your hair done.
It was so busy that day we barely could believe it. It was Me Kristin Jennie Lisa & Lisa H.

a true success. 

Later the same year, in the end of November we had the market in Strömma Farmlodge.
Few more entrepreneurs joined in and Strömma is a magical whimsy place, 
Kustfolk was busy and successful once again. I remember we were soo cold due to the river underneath the barn we all were in. 
This time I remember extra cause we celebrated 1 year with FGL as a store online. 

2015 we had the market in Strömma once again. 2016 a break cause we were all very busy.
2017 twice and this was the first time we had the market located in Brukstorget where we all have our own stores nowadays. 

2018 a break again. 

2019 twice. 

2020 we had to move the event to later due to Corona.
All was booked in an organized, 25 entrepreneur were suppose to join us this time and it felt like it was going to be our best event yet. 
over the moon happy for the artisans booked in. But! 
We all live in times very uncertain- Covid surely changed a lot . 
Kustfolk Market will change a long the way, so we dont say we cancelled - we just adjusting it a bit. 
More info is soon up on the website so stay tuned. 

Artistisan through the years: 

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OVER 40 brands throughout the years,looking forward to see you all again.

Thank you,

Frida Miranda Lisa Jennie.