I would like to tell you a little about FGL jewellery.
It's designed by me  in Varberg & made in India. I work with a small family business in Jaipur. The  collection is all made by hand. 

It's told that crystals have special powers. Let me  tell you a little bit more about it's  power.


The Rock Crystal is one of the most powerful healing stones. The crystal emboldens its wearer, protects from bad dreams, removes stress, reduces headache and fever. It also helps treating insomnia: Simply place your crystal on your pillow, it brings you balance and love.


You can take care of your stone in different ways an charge them with more power after using them:


  • Expose to sunlight for 1-2 hours
  • Place it on your window seal over night to expose it to moon light
  • Clean it under a stream of water for 2-5 minutes.


Enjoy your crystal!